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I have post polio, which includes pain & difficulty walking. I came to see Dr. Enns because of the migraines I was experiencing every week. I am please with the progress we have been making and I credit Dr. Enns with keeping me out of the wheelchair.


I started coming to Abbotsford Spine Centre because I had been dealing with a number of pain issues over the past 2 or 3 years: Neck/shoulder pain, headaches, hip pain & leg/foot pain. Receiving chiropractic treatment has relieved me of the stiffness and I have less pain. I feel great!


Over the last 30+ years, I have experienced my share of chiropractors and can honestly say Dr. Enns is by far the very best I've encountered to date. He is respectful, professional and knowledgeable; an absolute miracle worker. When my doctor told me I needed surgery because I couldn't stand straight & barely walk, Dr Enns said "Give me 6 weeks." After 6 weeks, I was a new person. Mind you, I still had lower back issues but was now pain free. Education, exercise and watching how you do things are key elements to pain-free longevity. He is now my first resource even before my doctor. If you have pain, you owe it to yourself to see Dr. Enns.


Before coming to Abbotsford Spine Centre, I had been experiencing low back pain for years. My doctor even sent me to a neurologist to discuss the option of back surgery. The thought of seeing a chiropractor scared me because I didn't want to have my back 'twisted' and 'cracked' due to the pain. A family member recommended that I see Dr. Enns because he uses special instruments on the spine. My back has never felt better and I LOVE my instrument adjustments! They are gentle and precise, and I'm no longer scared to see my chiropractor.


I've suffered with low back pain for years. When I came to Abbotsford Spine Centre I had difficulty walking due to pain. However, by the 4th visit, I could hardly feel any pain at all! I highly recommend Abbotsford Spine Centre to anyone with back pain.


I've been coming to Dr. Enns for over 4 years now and he has really helped me with my neck & shoulder pain. The doctors & staff are awesome and I've recommended Dr. Enns to others!


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